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We have a well-functioning campsite, with a quiet environment where there is room for everyone.

Kongsøre Camping

The site offers service space for motorhomes, and motorhome seats directly overlooking the dam and with a look all the way to Grevinge hills. In the summer, sheep and cattle can often be seen from the square.

Service building containing family bathroom and separate toilet and washbasin for men and women. In addition, we offer kitchens with hobs and sinks. A covered outdoor kitchen with gas. We have laundry room with washer and dryer. There is a handicap bathroom where there is also a children’s bath. A place with a cozy and nice atmosphere. In the square you find in the playground with roller coaster, climbing tower, swings and rocking animals. A community house, and a hammock where the young can meet and enjoy themselves.

There is a larger pool area with sun loungers, tables and chairs. Our pool and angular, so there is a low area for smaller children. Do not jump on hoofs in the pool. Closed fencing around the pool. In addition, there is a smaller ball court, jumping pad and cable car. Mini golf with 12 holes, and kiosk, cafe and cozy area in front of the kiosk where rabbits can be petted and meet our chickens.


Fastliggerplads incl. Måler- og miljøafgift
Inkl.2 voksne, hj. boende børn under 18 år
Inkl. Dagsgæste kort.

Overnattende gæster

Voksen 60,-
Barn 30,-
Gæstekort Voksen (personligt) 600,-
Gæstekort Barn (personligt) 300,-
Pool kort til sæson 150,-

Plads priser:

Forårsæson 1.apr til 30.jun 4600,-
Sommersæson 1.apr til 30.sep 9400,-
Sommersæson XL plads 10400,-
Efterårs sæson  8.aug til 30.sep  2500,-
Vintersæson 1.okt til 31.mar 3000,-
Opb. af vogn, 1.okt til 31.mar 2000,-


A´conto EL pr. sæson  1000,-
El-afregning pr. kWh  3.5,-
Grøn id-plade til faststående vogn 350,-


Årsmærke til id-plade 150,-



Tom vogn – gratis i hverdage udenfor ferien.
( % uge 25-34 )
Medlemskab af DCU udløser 15% rabat.

Voksne 80,-
Børn 0-2 år 20,-
Børn 3-14 år 40,-
Pladsgebyr 35,-
El pr. døgn 35,-
Hund 10,-



( kl. 10-22)

Voksen 25,-
Barn 3-14 år 25,-


Voksne/ Børn pr. dag 25,-
Voksne/ Børn 3 dage 60,-
Voksne/ Børn 1 uge 125,-