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We offer many fun activities in the square and in the area.

Activities all year round

Every year there are events at the campsite, among others. Easter lunch, summer party and barbecue parties. Lookups are constantly coming.

Shelter at Kongsøre Camping

Kongsøre Camping is part of the Open Air Northwest. With our location you can reach us by bike, on foot or at sea. We are just up the Istids route, which is the new cycle route which officially opens in May 2020, and extends at 260 km through 5 municipalities.
You are welcome as well as individual, family or group to use the shelters at very cheap prices.
There will be the opportunity to use the campsite’s service facilities and there is also a campfire at the shelters.
Reservations for both large and small groups must be made by contacting the campsite
There are three shelters and there is firewood under the shelters so it is always dry. There is plenty of room around them to park your bike if you are on a cycling holiday.
Rental of shelters: 50 DKK per person per night. Both children and adults. Groups of 8 people or more, 40 DKK per person.

Pool at Kongsøre Camping

At Kongsøre Camping, big and small can jump in the pool. The pool has a slide, as well as an adjoining children’s pool. In the pool area there is toilet and outdoor shower, as well as chairs, tables and sunbeds. Washing is done in the service building, next to the pool area.

Pool prices

Adults / Children pr. day 25,-
Adults / Children 3 day 60,-
Adults / Children 1 week 125,-
Season pass 200,-
Towel rental 15,-

Minigolf at Kongsøre Camping

There is a 12-hole mini golf course in the square, where everyone big or small can take a blast.

Price: Adults 30, – DKK, Children 25, – DKK Family ticket: 2 adults and 2 children 85, – DKK.

Krea cafe

During school holidays and selected holidays, Krea cafe is arranged where children can come and enjoy themselves. Depending on the weather, we are in the patio or cafe. We make everything from face paints, beads, shrink plates, wooden weapons and the like. Self-payment is dependent on materials.
Lookups for individual activities and dates come in separate lookups.