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Kongsøre Camping er højt beliggende i Odsherreds natur.

Great location

Kongsøre Camping is located high in the nature of Odsherred. At a short distance to the water, by the Sidinge dam, which runs along the Isefjord, and dams the mouth of the Lammefjord. From Sidinge dam, you can see Tuse Næs, on the opposite side of the fjord. Lammefjord is a large area of dammed agricultural land where there are large productions of root vegetables and potatoes. This can also be seen at Fårevejle. Kongsøre forest is 3.5km by bike or walk and 5km by car from us, where there is also a beautiful sandy beach. Kongsøre Forest is the epitome of a Danish beech forest. Where the beech trees grow right down to the coast of the Isefjord. The forest saves on lots of past memories, among other things. 55 burial mounds and quarries, it is said that is where King’s Ear is buried.

Beautiful surroundings

There is 200 meters to the Isefjord, where there is plenty of room for anglers, and a public bathing bridge when passing through the cottage area, approx. 300 m. From us. The place is just as suitable as family, single and couple. We offer quiet and beautiful surroundings for a few days off – and for longer holidays. We offer units in the square with the leaking hook, and also open spaces with views far and wide, to our beautiful nature.